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Definition of Motivation

I believe that we often hear the term motivation, whether in schools, offices, seminars, and even in our social life, people often say motivation.

definition-of-motivationBut in reality, not everyone knows the definition of motivation, perhaps including yourself :-), that’s why you up in my blog, right? Okay, without further ado, here we present the definition of motivation.

Definition of motivation is a reason or incentive for someone to act. So if there are people who are lazy, that person is called there is no motivation.

Motivation can come from outside or from within ourselves, and basically all the motivation that comes from inside, outside factors triggering the emergence of just such motivation. Motivation from the outside is the motivation that the trigger comes from outside ourselves. While the motivation of the initiative is the motivation comes from ourselves.

In general, the motivation is there are only two, namely:

  • to avoid the pain or difficulty, for example if we think about money so we do not live miserable, so here the reason someone looking for money to avoid pain.
  • To get pleasure, for example, there are people who chase money because they want to enjoy life, then the money as a reason for someone to gain pleasure.

That’s the definition of motivation that we can share, may be useful 🙂

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